MC Squared Audioworks is an audio production studio that appropriately conceptualizes music, sound design, and audio production to fit different mediums of media.




Live audio recording

Full service Sound engineering for live music, lecture, and public events in the metropolitan area. We have the equipment and knowledge to accurately mic and record live audio events.



Studio Recording

Utilizing our studio with state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we offer multi-track instrument recording for music artists, as well as vocal artists and actors.


 Production & Editing

Have no need for personal recordings and just need an idea realized? We offer full production and editing services to fully take care of all details to deliver the best final product.

Based out of Detroit, we collaborate with local, national, and international creators and companies to push the line of professional quality audio. 


Artistry and Ego should not go hand-in-hand. We were founded on the principle that the creative process is based on collaboration and understanding which is why we take great measures to ensure that each client is not only instrumental in the tailoring of the production development, but is also 100% satisfied with both the process and the product.


A one-stop-shop for all things audio


Why hire 3-4 individuals when one company can take care of all of your audio needs? MC Squared Audioworks is built on the premise that in todays quickly evolving media, nothing matters more than time, which is why we pride ourselves on creative audio solutions of all colors so clients don't have to worry about keeping up with multiple contractors or wasting their time scouting them out.


Music Composition and Production

Video Game Scoring
Film Music Composition
TV/Commercial Pilot Spots
Radio Ad Jingles

Foley & Electronic Sound Design

Video Game Sound Effects
Film Sound Design/Spacial Design
Radio Show Sound Design
Audiobook Spacial Sound Design

 Live & Studio

 Audio Recording

Voice Over Recording
Music Artist Studio Recording for Singles/EP's/Albums
Live Music Sound Engineering & Recording

Audio Editing, Cleaning, Restoration, and Mastering

Podcast Editing, Production, and Mastering
Audiobook Cleaning and Mastering to ACX Standards
Music Editing, Mixing & Mastering

Clients, Employers & Collaborators


Our Podcasts